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We talk to business leaders, topic specialists and individuals, whose lives have been changed by ethical business. A great way to gather case studies and inspiration for your own business.

Sir Michael Bibby Bt DL

Chairman of Bibby Line Group and celebrated philanthropist.

Irene Afful

Irene holds a Master’s degree in Police Leadership and is a published author of academic research concerning equality, diversity & inclusion.

Howard Woodcock

CEO of United Offshore Solutions, has over 35 years of experience in the shipping, marine, and offshore oil & gas sectors. Always leading with Employee Engagement.

Julie Tucker, BE Offices

We spoke to PR & CSR Manager at the UK's leading owner of flexible office space solutions about their ESG journey.

Marcel Mballa-Ekobena

Sustainable investment and ESG specialist. We quizzed Marcel on the importance of ESG reporting in business.

Holly's Story

Joining her company at just 16, Holly saw the real value in being part of a responsible business.

Luke's Story

Working for a responsible business gave Luke purpose in a really difficult time in his life.

Girls Out Loud

Jessica and Lexi talk about the Girls Out Loud (our chosen cause) - Big Sister programme and how it has changed their lives.