We support business professionals tasked to engage their stakeholders in ethical activities in and outside the workplace with a monthly group coaching call, support network and resource centre.


Resource Centre

What's Included


Interviews with business leaders, topic specialists and individuals that lives have been changed by responsible business.


Short recordings to help you reinforce your learning.

Download the Teachable app to listen on the go!

Extra Resources

Additional documents, templates and tools to help you boost your business's CSR activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this?

Your first month is FREE after that it's £89 per month (+ VAT) this includes a £9 donation to our chosen cause Girls Out Loud.

Can I cancel?

Sure. If the support is not working for you, simply cancel your subscription within your resource centre.

How long are the group calls and when do they take place?

The calls are for 1 hour and take place on the first Tuesday - Thursday of the month at 10 am or 3 pm.

Can I pick which group I am in?

No. We place you in a group based on your experience and what you are looking to achieve.

Can I change groups, later?

If you want to explore another group and why you want to move, we would be happy to have a chat.

Who are in the groups?

8-10 people who are tasked with engaging their business and its stakeholders in ethical activities. Most are from CSR, Sustainability or Social Value roles, across diverse industries.

What if I can't make a call?

If you know you are going to miss a call just let us know.

Can I send someone else?

Yes. If would like to send a colleague in your place, we would be happy to welcome them with advance notice.

You request a LinkedIn profile to join, I don't have one?

Yes. This will help us to decide if the support is right for you. If you don't have a profile, send across your CV to [email protected] with the subject line 'Request to join peer group'.

You request my mobile, what is this for?

We will invite you to a WhatsApp group to support you in-between calls and keep you posted on any resource updates, guest speakers or topics we plan to cover in our sessions.