Now that your workforce is aware of ESG and your leadership team understands your current position, step 3 guides you to build an internal working group to review and share positive messages around your activities and commitments.


What is the investment?

View our packages for all investment details.

How long does this step take?

From setting up or reviewing your current working group to delivering the accountability support and training, it takes 6 months.

How is this training delivered?

As an ethically driven business, we encourage our working groups to engage with us online to avoid leaving a greater carbon footprint. If your location is within 1hr of our offices in Chester (UK), this aligns with our carbon reduction commitments.

Who will receive this support and training?

Your current or new ESG/Sustainability working group.

What happens after this final step?

We will review your progress by supporting your business to share a similar employee questionnaire to step 1.