Now that your workforce is aware of ESG and your leadership team understands your current position, step 3 is all about guiding you to build and share positive messages around your activities and commitments, both internally and externally.


What is the investment?

We offer a self-led option for £997 or assisted support (facilitated learning) for £1,220pm for four months.

How long does it take?

Self-led: There is roughly 12hrs worth of training in this offer. This means your business can complete it at a pace or to a deadline that suits them. We give you access to it for six months. Assisted: We tend to run these as four 3hr sessions, which include prep, delivery and follow-up support.

How is this training delivered?

Self-led: You will receive log-in details to access the training. This includes demonstration videos, templates and tools. We will also prompt you to book a call with us at the end to run through your outcomes and next steps. Assisted: Online or face-to-face (if within a 1hr from our HQ).

Who should undertake the training?

This is completely up to your business, but in our experience, it tends to be your ESG lead, working group or someone from HR or Marketing. These person/s usually become apparent during steps 1 & 2.

What happens after this final step?

We're so glad you asked!

Next, it's all about ESG accountability and continuous improvement. We will invite your business to become a Be Ethical Member to access continued business-wide training and support monthly for £597 per month.

*All prices exclude VAT.