This 25-minute online training will educate, test and engage your entire workforce in ESG.

It provides practical tips and advice on adopting ethical behaviours in and outside the workplace to champion a culture of responsibility from the ground up.

Training includes a demonstration video, delivery support, a short questionnaire, PDF guide and a feedback survey to gather your employee's thoughts on your current ESG position.


What is the investment?

We include this step in all of our packages. View HERE.

What if not all of my employees complete the training?

In an ideal world, 100% engagement would be great, but we understand this isn't always possible, so for businesses with over 50 employees, we will invoice for 80% of your overall numbers.

How is this training delivered?

We will provide you with all the content to circulate across your teams. In our experience, the best way to deliver this is in group sessions to maximise the feedback your business receives.

Can I view the training before I pay for it?

Of course. We can send you a snippet of the demonstration video and example questions, which you can amend to suit your business.

What happens when the training is finished?

We will move your business into step 2, our Leadership Workshop.

*All prices exclude VAT.